How To Create a Successful Blog

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Creating a Blog

Blogging has become an immensely popular method of delivering content to readers.  You can choose virtually any topic and it gives you the power to express yourself around the world.  Blogs can be monetized to earn substantial income and can certainly be built into a successful business with some hard work and determination.  Here we will lay out some fundamentals to get you started on your endeavors.


The first thing I would recommend is doing research on the topic of your blog.  Find other websites and blogs with similar topics and plan how you will differentiate yourself.  Research forums and find relevant topics to get ideas for what you should write about.  You can also go directly to your customers to ask what type of content they would find value in reading about.  If you don’t have current customers find people you know that have an interest in your blog topic and ask for their honest opinion on if the topics you are working on would be interesting to them.

Another great research method is posting market studies on social media, by asking direct questions about your blog topics.  Record the responses you receive and over time you can draw conclusions on topics that would be valuable to your customers.  You may have to do this several times to generate enough responses, but chances are there are people that you know that will be willing to give you great feedback and this is exactly what you want.


Blogs are centered around consistent blog posts and interesting topics that hook readers to keep coming back over a period of time.  Subscriptions, email newsletters and repeat visitors can fuel your blog with traffic, creating a platform for you to express yourself in any way you choose.  One of the keys to obtaining loyal readers is having great topics, content, pictures and videos.  You can use websites like Google Trends and SERPS to research how popular topics are in search engines.  You can find out how many times these websites are searched monthly and how they trend over time.

Ultimately how you choose to setup, write, and publish your blog is in your hands.  However, taking time to be certain your choice of topics are more than likely to be typed into search engines will help you generate organic traffic and that’s what we’re ALL looking for.


Don’t expect too release your blog and explode overnight.  While the sky is the limit, keeping your expectations reasonable can help you focus on the long term and creating the excellent content it will take to get you to the blog promise land.  Instead of judging your number of readers early on, try to focus on engaging with your readers and sharing your blog to spread the word.  If you have extra money to invest into your blog, you could consider PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising or social media ads to generate traffic to your blog.

Domain Name

Just like a website, your blog will have a web address that your readers can type into the URL bar (the bar where you type in the web address at the top of a web browser).  Your domain name will be unique to you and must be registered online.  There are tons of domain name providers and web hosts to choose from at this stage of the process.

Web Host

Web hosts are where all the magic of creating your blog happens.  You can use customizable themes to build, design and launch your blog all in one place.  You will be able to click a button to create a blog post and start typing away (or copy and paste, you get the idea).  There are web hosts dedicated to blogging, however, traditional web hosts are just as useful and in some cases tend to have more features.

How To Get a Free Domain Name

While domain name providers will charge you for a domain name, some web hosts provide you with a Free Domain Name.  We have tried several web hosts and prefer Blue Host over all the rest, by far!  Along with a free domain name, they implement Word Press into their service, so you can literally begin creating a new blog in minutes.

Click On This Link and you can lock in your free domain name and choose from plans starting at $3.95 per month for their web hosting services.  With 1-click Word Press installation and a supremely competitive price, there are few web hosts out there that can compare.

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Social Media

Social media is a wonderful tool for blogs.  There is more than likely a lot of people on your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat right now that could relate to the topics your blog will explore.  Consistently sharing your articles is a great way to obtain new readers and that could easily convert to a loyal supporter.

You could also consider creating dedicated social media accounts for your blog, so you can focus on spreading the word with these accounts.  This could help you feel more comfortable sharing blog posts consistently on social media, without worrying about feeling overbearing.


Use keywords in your blog title and body that are relevant to your topic.  You can utilize Google Trends and SERPS to find out search terms that are likely to be used in search engines.  Implementing these keywords in a natural, professional way will help search engines understand what the topic of your post is and subsequently help people searching for similar topics find you.  This is a very basic implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and can help generate organic traffic to your blog.


Search Engine Optimization is essential for a blog, just like a website.  Metadata on the back end of your website, especially the title and description of each page, should be edited.  The title and body of each page should include keywords you strategically research for your topics.  SEO experts offer various services to implement SEO and there is a ton of material about it all over the web if you want to learn to do it yourself.

Successfully optimizing your blog for search engines will take time to research, but by implementing keywords/search terms that are relevant to your blog topics you will help yourself tremendously.  Don’t take shortcuts here, if you learn about SEO early on or hire an expert you will be thanking yourself in the long run.

Back Links

Back links are simple: the more websites that have links back to your blog, the better you will rank in search engines (this goes back to SEO).  This will make it easier for new readers to find you when they perform a search relevant to your blog topics.  Having a lot of back links is very effective in developing a rapport with search engines and can help the likeliness of your website generating organic traffic.  This is because it gives your blog credibility, since other blogs/websites have links that lead to your blog.  Keep in mind, the more popular the website/blog that you have a link on, the more valuable the back link will be for SEO.


As you grow and produce content consistently, you should consider reaching out to other websites and blogs to start accumulating back links.  You could feature an article from someone else’s blog, in exchange for a feature on their blog.  You could also just simply ask for a link placement, however be careful of websites that will try to charge you for services like these.  Websites and blogs that are closer to your level will be more likely to work with you.

You could also begin commenting in forums with relevant topics to create a rapport with others who may be interested in your blog.  This is another relationship you could form with a whole community of users that could find value in your blog.  Be sure to always include back links to your blog on forums too, so they have a way to see all your great content!

Keyword Stuffing

You may have heard of an outdated trick called “keyword stuffing”: placing keywords all over a website to generate traffic.  This would typically be used in older websites that were filled with spam and affiliate marketing links.  Years ago, this was an effective trick website that had no value to a customer.  Let’s be honest guys, keyword stuffing will more than likely translate into a poor customer experience.

Search engines recognized this and improved their search engines to filter out low-value blogs and websites like these.  As technology and machine learning advances, search engines are getting better and better at determining “value” to a customer clicking on your blog.  Having exceptional topics, unique content and extraordinary value to your customer has become important now more than ever.  The good news is, you want to create an amazing blog, right?  AWESOME!

Creating a blog from scratch can be intimidating.  The good news is you’re NOT alone, feel free to contact us for any questions you may have, we are here to help!  If you haven’t gotten started on creating your blog Click Here to get your FREE Domain and begin creating your blog in minutes!

How to register a domain

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