Register A Domain

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Register A Domain

One of the important aspects of getting your new website launched is registering your domain name.  There are so many different options out there and many of them promise a lot, only to find out they don’t deliver the features you are looking for.  The most important thing about your domain is the NAME!   This seems so obvious, but too many times I hear stories from website owners going through three or four domain names to arrive at their preferred name.

Jumping right in and buying domains that you may not even use can be very costly.  A much more effective way to get started on your website RIGHT AWAY is to get a free domain.  We will show you how to do this and you can be getting started on designing your website in minutes.

Choosing Your Domain Name

What is the most important thing about registering your domain?  You guessed it, THE NAME!  So with that in mind, choosing your domain name is a CRITICAL part of the process.  A company with a name like South Eastern Regional Company can obviously find themselves in a bit of a pickle naming their website, but with timely abbreviations and creative brainstorming you can choose a domain name that works for you.  Sticking to the example above you could try SERCO, SERC or SERCOMP to abbreviate South Eastern Regional Company, greatly shortening the domain name.

My number one tip is to KEEP IT SHORT!  Beyond 13 characters is a hard sell for customers to type in to their smartphones or even computer (think like your customer).  Think like successful websites too, it’s typically very easy to type in popular website names.  It’s ultimately about user experience, beginning with a short domain name is a great start and will pay off with your customers in the long run.

Web Hosting

The most popular way to build, design, and customize your website all in one place is using a web hosting service.  This is where the magic happens!  Many of these services include hundreds of customizable themes to choose from, making it possible to have a unique and personalized design.  These services typically offer free and paid direct plug-ins to your website packed with various features such as SEO, email list forms, analytics, and customizable content.

One of the upsides to using a web host is the ability to add accounts to your website for business partners, website designers, and/or SEO specialists.  This can be a very valuable tool to utilize if you are not the only one involved in the process of creating your website.  But by far the biggest upside to managing your web host on your own is having control over the entire process and the ability to make changes instantly.  In the long run you will thank yourself (and ME!) for that.

Register Your FREE Domain

So lets get down to the juicy stuff, as I like to say.  Registering your free domain is easy.  Click on this link and it will take you to Blue Host.  Blue Host is one of the best web hosts in the world and they are offering a FREE domain for you, so this is definitely something you will want to capitalize on, especially if funds are tight (and even if there not free is for YOU right?!!).  Signing up is as easy as clicking “Get Started Now”, choosing a web host plan (starting at a whopping $3.95) and REGISTERING your domain (don’t wait on this one guys, lock in your name!).  What’s next?  Designing and LAUNCHING your website!  All in one place.  It’s really that simple.  Lock in your FREE Domain and you can be designing your website in minutes.

1 – Click this link and it will bring you here:


2 – Click on the “Get Started Now” Box and begin designing your website in minutes!

Blue Host has various options for web hosting, starting at $3.95 per month and include the FREE domain we have been talking about.  You will capitalize on a free domain and literally begin creating your website in minutes.  We know that starting your website is scary and we are here to help you along the way.  Check out our other articles for tips, tricks and resources for starting your website and also please feel free to reach out to us directly, we are always here to help!



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