Cure The ‘Android Internal Storage Getting Low’ Message 

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The Nitty Gritty: Is your phone constantly running out of memory after long days, nights and vacations taking countless pictures?  Are your everlasting memories in jeopardy of facing the chopping block, because you can’t download the new hottest app or record your next video without deleting something?  If this is you, then you are just like me.  I am consistent about running up the tab on my internal phone storage, and being rewarded with the classic “Internal Storage is getting low” message glaring at me until I fix it.  Lets get down to the root of our consistent problem and get that nagging message to disappear.

EZ FIX Number One – Delete Unnecessary Apps/Pictures/Videos:

The first thing you want to do when you are running out of space on your phone is check for any applications you have installed that you aren’t using.  If your Android is up to date, head to Settings > Apps.  From the Apps section, press the three vertical dots in upper-right corner of the screen and click ‘sort by size’. This will help you find out which apps are taking up the most amount of space on your phone and decide whether you want to keep large applications that you aren’t using a lot.

Likewise, scroll through your picture/video gallery and find items that are duplicates or not worthy of saving.  Look closely for long videos that you don’t want to save.  Long videos are typically very large files and if you don’t want to save them, delete them.  You can also consider backing them up somewhere online, like your Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.- then deleting the videos from your phone after.

 EZ FIX Number Two- Utilize The Micro SD Card Slot (if applicable for your phone):

Many Android phones include a unique feature: the SD card slot.  Most people know about this, but oddly enough a lot of people don’t utilize it, even though their PHONE SUPPORTS IT!  We are here to tell you that the micro SD card slot is a gift (iPhones and many other phones do not support this!) and you SHOULD use it.

sandisk sd card 64 gb.jpg

Step One:

Check if your phone has a micro SD Card slot and locate it.  If you do not have a Micro SD card laying around from a previous phone or camera, you can purchase a Samsung 64 GB Micro SD Card HERE!

When you locate the Micro SD Card slot, slide the card in until the spring clicks into place.  To take it out, you push the SD card in and the spring will pop it out enough for you to remove it (this is different than most SIM cards, take your time).  The memory size of the memory cards vary, however we recommend 64 GB or more, since that will hold more than enough photos, videos and applications to last you many phones.

Step Two:

Some android phones will detect that you added an SD card and prompt you to change the storage location of future pictures and videos you take to be stored on your SD card.  This is recommended- if you aren’t prompted to do this or accidentally skip the prompt, go to the settings of the camera application on your phone and there should be a setting to change the storage location of pictures/videos that are taken.

The best thing about utilizing the micro SD Card feature is when you upgrade your phone, you can slide it into the new phone and you will have all the photos and videos you stored on it from your previous phone(s).

We hope this helps you get rid of that nagging memory low message and also enables you to keep control of your precious life moments captured on your phone.  Thinking ahead and doing this can really save you a lot of regret later on when you are forced to delete important memories on the spot due to being out of space on your phone.

Buy The Samsung 64 GB Micro SD Card at the Fabulous Price of $19.99, while supplies last!

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