Tired of The Annual Lawnmower Breakdown?

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The Nitty Gritty: It’s become an annual thing for me, literally.  My grass is getting too high, so I pull out the lawn mower I just purchased (or repaired) the year before and proceed to fill it with gas, prime it and start it up.  Pull, pull, pull: nothing.  Prime it, pull, pull, pull: nothing.  Great, my lawn is higher than it should be already and my lawnmower won’t start.  This isn’t good and the repair/ replace cycle continues again, right?  Nope.  I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to continue to wait in line for repair (You know, the 3-4 week standard wait time) or head to your local Home Improvement store every few Summers for a lawn mower.

EZ-FIX Solution Number 1- FIX IT Yourself:

Lawnmowers have small, fairly simple motors.  There aren’t many things that can go wrong and there are a lot of common problems that come up consistently, that you may be able to fix yourself.  Before you pay a pretty penny for repair/replacement consider researching your specific lawnmower model into Google or YouTube for “Do-It-Yourself” repair guides.  Most lawnmower models will already have various free guides online that will walk you through common troubleshooting methods and repair walkthroughs.   If you are technically inclined and want to Fix-It-Yourself, try to put the Lawnmower model name/number, followed by “fix it yourself” or “repair guide” in a search engine (like Google) for text guides or into YouTube for video guides.

EZ-FIX Solution Number 2- Look into Battery-Powered Lawnmowers:

It’s the new wave in lawnmowers and although it’s not new technology, its hitting the industry by storm in 2018.  Battery powered lawnmowers take the fuss out of having a nice lawn and garden.  No more having to keep gas stocked up for your lawn mower or dealing with the motor problems that are bound to pop up often.  Battery powered mowers are a convenience worth every penny.  The push of a button and your mower is started, mowing the lawn with ease.  When your finished just remove the battery, put it on the charger and it is fully charged in no time.

This is one of the battery powered lawnmowers we would recommend: The GreenWorks 20 Inch 40-Volt Battery Powered Lawnmower.  This lawnmower is lightweight, has two batteries and is retailing at a very reasonable price.  We find the GreenWorks battery powered lawnmower line to be durable, trustworthy and suitable for most yard sizes, due to having two batteries as an added bonus.

greenworks lm.jpg

GreenWorks is making a statement in the lawnmower industry with its high tech, affordable and powerful lawnmowers- while doing something amazing for the environment- reducing greenhouse gases that gas lawnmowers pollute our air with every day.  Although this is not a problem that we may think about every day, the negative impact of greenhouse gases produced by lawnmowers is significant- and by switching to a battery powered lawnmower, we are doing our part to protect our world as we know it.

Click Here to Learn More About the GreenWorks 20 Inch 40-Volt Battery Powered Lawnmower!

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